Climbers is an Aerial Silks licensing model acrobatics and fitness center, offering recreational and professional aerial art training for children and adults. The company’s philosophy is based on a mainstream presentation, a focus on the positive approach, and client satisfaction. Climbers is the first serious attempt at a large scale licensed brand offering current fitness centers of all types recreational and professional aerial art activity.


Licensing Includes: 
-    Interactive online training modules for staff education.
-    Safety education.
-    Access to company's marketing strategies and material 
-    Brand usage rights.

-    Brand apparel; wholesale pricing for profitable resale.  

-    Free subscription access for entire facility

The benefits of a licensing opportunity: 
-    Joining the up and coming aerial arts movement!
-    Obtaining a high quality, consistent, and appealing brand.
-    Obtaining a high quality and structured program.
-    Access to comprehensive training programs and consulting.
-    Achieving a strong financial return on investment.

Aerial art activity has been growing trend globally with every passing year, due to it’s elegance, uniqueness, and dynamic presentation. The activity allows the perfect outlet for children and adults to partake in physical activities that promote gross motor skills, social skills, strength, flexibility, self-discipline, and fun. All of this in a non-aggressive safe family environment perfect for all ages. Climbers will rapidly grow a reputation as a spot families can trust and enjoy for aerial activities.


All licensed locations will receive the branding, comprehensive online staff training, access to company's marketing strategies and material, business consulting support, and more. If interested in becoming a licensed location, please fill out the application a representative will with you promptly.

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